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Babe Ruth Safety League Process

What is required of all Babe Ruth volunteers?

All volunteers will be required to have a Babe Ruth League Membership. With in that membership the following Eligibility Credentials will be required every 2 years.

1)  "Gold Standard" background screen, available through SportsEngine/NCSI

2)  Abuse Prevention Training, available through SportsEngine's APS Training

3) Waiver


How do volunteers complete the two required items?

-A League will first need to Claim their HQ.

A League can share their Direct Membership Link to their Volunteer Members (example below) or Send a Direct Request.

If a League Admin wants to buy a Membership for a Volunteer, they can follow the 'On Behalf Of' directions on this help article.

How do I purchase discount codes to cover the background screening cost on behalf of my coaches/volunteers?

If a League Admin wants to pre-pay for bulk discount codes for their coaches, you may submit through the following registration link. 

2022-2023 Discount Code Purchase Registration



As a league admin, how do I track results for my volunteers?

This can be done on the Leagues HQ under the Members > Membership Tab. Select the 'three ellipses' and see which members are eligible. 


Pending Status for Background Screens: 

Please allow 5 business days for pending screens to be processed.  

If a screen has been pending for more than 5 business days, your coach may contact the NCSI Screening division directly at for any questions.  

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