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League Help

Where to find support for commonly asked questions

  • Step-by-step how-tos for how Babe Ruth Leagues should be using SportsEngine
  • Guided walkthroughs for SportsEngine HQ 
  • Need Help? button (right-side of screen when logged in) 
  • Academy tab
  • Guided walkthroughs for Babe Ruth processes on SportsEngine HQ
  • Need Help? button (right-side of screen when logged in)
  • Walk-throughs
  • Policy changes 
  • Bulk code support
  • Babe Ruth League Code
  • Technical support using SportsEngine
  • Need Help? tab--> scroll down on first tab,--> "Contact Us"

TECH QUESTIONS: 'Need Help?' tab on the Right

What is required of all Babe Ruth volunteers?

All volunteers will be required to have an annual Babe Ruth League Membership. Within that membership, the following Eligibility Credentials will be required every two years.

  1. "Gold Standard" background screen, available through SportsEngine/NCSI
  2. Abuse Prevention Training, available through SportsEngine's APS Training
  3. Waiver

How do volunteers complete the required items?

  • A League will first need to Claim their HQ before any coaches or volunteers can obtain a membership
    • This only needs to happen the first year the League is on SportsEngine 
  • A League can share their Direct Membership Link (anyone with the link can register), send a Direct Request (registrant must be in your Directory), or obtain memberships "on behalf of" members. For more detailed instructions, click Need Help? and search for these walkthroughs:
    • Babe Ruth - Share a Public Membership Link 
    • Babe Ruth - Send a Direct Club Assignment Invite from the Member Directory
    • Babe Ruth - Buy Memberships on Behalf of Members

Note: Please use the correct email address for the staff member. Failure to do so will result in technical consequences that lead to member duplicates or merging complications.

What link do I send my coaches/volunteers to submit their background screens?

Background screens are now within the concept of memberships. Coaches and volunteers will get the same link and this link is specific to the league. 

To find the membership link, look within HQ--> Members--> Memberships. For more detailed instructions, find this walk-through in the Need Help? tab.

  • Babe Ruth - Share a Public Membership Link 

How do I cover the cost for my volunteers?

The $25.50 cost covers the background screen. If a League Admin wants to pre-pay for bulk codes (good for one season) for their coaches, you may submit through the following registration link. 

As a league admin, how do I track results for my volunteers?

This can be done on the Leagues HQ under the Members > Membership Tab. Select the 'three ellipses' and see which members are eligible.  For those members still needing to complete eligibility requirements, you can easily send them reminders from the system.

For more information, search for these walk-throughs in the Need Help? section: 

  • Babe Ruth - What are Eligibility Reminders
  • Babe Ruth - Send Eligibility Reminders to Staff


Pending Status for Background Screens: 

Please allow 5 business days for pending screens to be processed.  

If a screen has been pending for more than 5 business days, your coach may contact the NCSI Screening division directly at for any questions. 

How do I add more admins to my SportsEngine HQ

Find these helpful resources within the Need Help? section:

  • Under the Academy Tab
    • Learn About Adding Admins
  • Under Walk-through tab:
    • Add Admins and Manage Permissions
    • Grant Admin Permissions to Existing Members

**In order for that admin to see Babe Ruth related settings, ensure you select Babe Ruth access as well.  

  • Babe Ruth League Manager: Has access to shared data.
  • Babe Ruth League Viewer: Has view-only access to shared data.

How do I submit team rosters to Babe Ruth League

Those leagues with premium SportsEngine HQs and those without will have the same process and starting point for submitting rosters to Babe Ruth League. This will be within HQ--> Competition --> Season Management.

For more details, find these walk-throughs in the Need Help? section:

  • Academy tab
    • Introduction to Rostering
    • Submit Teams
  • Walk-throughs tab
    • Create a Shared Season
    • Share a Season with Babe Ruth

What is my League Code?

You will need your League Code in order to submit teams. This code is assigned when you charter and is the same year after year. Reach out to Babe Ruth League to obtain this alpha-numeric code--->