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League Administrators

Babe Ruth Safety League Process

What is required of all Babe Ruth volunteers?

1)  "Gold Standard" background screen, available through SportsEngine/NCSI

2)  Abuse Prevention Training, available through SportsEngine's APS Training


How do volunteers complete the two required items?

-SportsEngine/NCSI has a background screen + training package priced at $25.50 for Babe Ruth League that can be accessed here:

-If you want to pay for your volunteer's cost, please fill out this form to purchase a prepaid code for your volunteers.  The National Babe Ruth League office will then contact you with a prepaid code for your league within 1 business day:


As a league admin, how do I track results for my volunteers?

-Start by filling out this form, to be granted access to your region's page on this website:

-Once you have filled this out, you will have access to your region's page on this website.   On your region's page, there are 2 reports to choose from.  You can use the drop-down menu to narrow results to just your league.

Background Screen + APS Training Report is for volunteers that are completing both their screen & training with SportsEngine/NCSI. 

The Background Screening Status will either state "pending" or "passed".   For any other status questions, please see below. 

The APS column will be blank if a volunteer has not completed their training, and will indicate "passed" once the training is complete. 

APS Only Report is for volunteers that are approved to only complete abuse prevention training. 


What if my volunteer submitted their background screen and is not listed on these reports?

-Your coach could have selected the incorrect region/league. 

-On the confirmation email for submitting their background screen, the coach will see what region/league they selected.

-If the volunteer follows the directions below, they can update their region/league.  Upon doing so, they will populate under the correct league's results.

-If you have confirmed that your coach submitted their background screen for the correct region/league and they are NOT on these reports, please contact Babe Ruth League at

For any concerns pertaining to flagged screens, please contact Babe Ruth League at


Pending Status for Background Screens: 

Please allow 5 business days for pending screens to be processed.  

If a screen has been pending for more than 5 business days, your coach may contact the NCSI Screening division directly at for any questions.